The List of Top 12 Female Twitch Streamers In 2020

List of Top Female Twitch Streamers

Twitch is a wonderful opportunity for online gamers.It is a live streaming platform.  Streamers can show their skills and expertise on Twitch.Usually, most people think gaming is not a girl’s cup of tea.  But there are a huge number of female streamers on Twitch. Male gamers dominate the gaming platform from the beginning.  Nowadays, things are […]

What is twitch overlay- Breaking Down the Concept 2023

what is twitch overlay

Overlays are the surrounding borders of your live-stream gaming webcams. These overlays take up the entire surrounding frame of your facecam. These face cam borders are usually 1080p graphics-based PNG file which sits on the capture window of your game. It is typically used to add branding to the stream, and can include information such […]