Best Capture Card for Streaming in 2020 | Twitch Overlay Template

Best Capture Card for Streaming

As a streamer, you will need best capture card for streaming. Capture card is an important device for gamers. You will find some exclusive brands of capture card. Check the specifications first. You must choose the right one.Look for the capture card adjusting your need and budget. Moreover, capture card records on-screen activities. It’s a […]

Best Webcam For Twitch | Perfect For Twitch Streamer

Best Webcam For Twitch

Well, you will need a webcam to connect to the streamers.Choosing a webcam is a really tough job. If you are a streamer you need to choose the webcam with clear image and sound quality.. Some laptops contain the built-in webcam not built-in webcam on PC. many companies come with cheap to expensive webcams. A wrong webcam can […]

The List of Top 12 Female Twitch Streamers In 2020

List of Top Female Twitch Streamers

Twitch is a wonderful opportunity for online gamers.It is a live streaming platform.  Streamers can show their skills and expertise on Twitch.Usually, most people think gaming is not a girl’s cup of tea.  But there are a huge number of female streamers on Twitch. Male gamers dominate the gaming platform from the beginning.  Nowadays, things are […]

How To Make A Twitch Overlay Using Photoshop | TOT

Those of you who are searching for the procedures to make Twitch Overlays using Photoshop, then this article is for you. I’ve given a fantastic tutorial for you in this content. So, let’s start by reading this article attentively until the end. At present, Twitch changed the face of gaming, and the advanced Twitch Streamers […]