What Is Twitch Prime? know It In A Nutshell

What Is Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is basically a service provided by Amazon. In was in 2016, when Amazon created Twitch Prime. It is a paid service. And the payment is worth it as it offers you a lot. It comes with features like – discounts on games, free access to additional game content, access to Prime Music, and so on.

In more than 200 countries and territories, you will find Twitch prime included with Amazon prime. For instance: Canada, Mexico, the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The idea of Twitch prime is rooted in 2005 when Amazon designed a subscription service named Amazon Prime. The customers had to pay monthly or annually, in return the customers would get their ordered items within just 2 days.

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As a few years passed, Amazon added more cool features: such as- free access to eBook, access to Prime Music, and on-demand a subscription to Amazon Video. Then within 2016 Amazon created the Twitch Prime offering many services. The features you will see in twitch prime are mostly related to direct Twitch.

Is Twitch Prime Worth it?

Naturally, this question will pop in your head – It is worth my penny? Let’s decide whether it is or it’s not!

  • It removes advertisements: When you click a twitch stream, usually you have to wait and watch the advertisement added there; it’s kind of annoying at times. Twitch prime ensures that you won’t have any advertisement interruption. Also, the streamer will still be getting the profit from the ad impressions and you will still enjoy ad-free content.
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  • Access to In-Game Contents: Twitch Prime allows you to be in In-game content for free. Such as in-game contents of popular games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, or Neverwinter. As we know that the contents change month to month. It includes skins, adds unique characters, weapon packs, and emotes. Interestingly, the current offer is including free loot cases for the game Call of Duty, plus; unique pet for Neverwinter.


  • Exclusive Twitch Chat Features: The users will be getting unique emoticons like KappaHD and Scaredy Cat. You can even change the chat colors with toggling a set of 3 sliders.


  • Twitch channel subscription: As a  user you will get free channel subscription. Some channels provide special chat privileges, emoticons, and badges.
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  • Free Games: Twitch primers will have the privileged of getting free games every month. The games are available for a limited time, so you must download them instantly.


  • Discount on physical copies of the game: Gamers are often passionate about having physical copies of the games of their own. As a user, you can obtain a 20% discount on the games bought from Amazon.


So, it’s totally worth your money!


Conclusion: Twitch Prime features are pretty amazing. Plus students are getting a discount of free access for 6 months.

There you go! It’s an interesting service for regular Twitch users. Make out the most with free games and in-game content.

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