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Best Capture Card for Streaming in 2022 | Twitch Overlay Template

Best Capture Card for Streaming

As a streamer, you will need best capture card for streaming. Capture card is an important device for gamers. You will find some exclusive brands of capture card. Check the specifications first. You must choose the right one.Look for the capture card adjusting your need and budget. Moreover, capture card records on-screen activities. It’s a […]

What is twitch overlay- Breaking Down the Concept 2023

what is twitch overlay

Overlays are the surrounding borders of your live-stream gaming webcams. These overlays take up the entire surrounding frame of your facecam. These face cam borders are usually 1080p graphics-based PNG file which sits on the capture window of your game. It is typically used to add branding to the stream, and can include information such […]