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If you want to make money from Twitch streaming the monetization of Twitch stream. Without monetizing your twitch streams, you won’t get any benefits from streaming at all. And there is no point in streaming unless you are getting paid in some way. While money is not the only purpose for streaming it surely is an important purpose. And honestly, you can make a lot more money than you ever expected if you do well. So, why throw away the chance of earning money playing video games? 

Here, you are going to learn how to monetize your twitch stream. There are many ways to monetize your channel. It will help you to make money. Let’s discuss how to monetize a twitch channel.

Lets Know How To Monetize Twitch Stream?

People are curious about Twitch, they wanted to know how the streamers make money in this platform. today twitch overlay template team discuss all twitch monetization.

Well, Twitch offers its streamer some brilliant opportunities. Streamers can grab opportunities and make money.

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The basic way of monetizing your twitch stream is channel subscriptions. Channel subscription is also important for the streamers. Because it connects them to their community. Their community can constantly support them.

However, Twitch gives its streamers 50 percent of the subscription revenue.

Twitch viewer can choose their monthly subscriptions from this packages-$4.99, $9.99, $24.99.

For instance, if a subscriber chooses $4.99, then streamer will get $2.50. It will be increased as per subscription, Isn’t it great?

Most of the streamers prefer this way of earning money through their streams. Because it gives them the most amount of money other than donations. Also, it comes on a regular basis and doesn’t depend on any adversities at all.

Another way to monetize your twitch stream is Ad revenue. When a viewer watches recorded gaming clips or live, some ad can show up to their screen as like YouTube video ads. Revenue of advertisement is nearly $250 for every 100 subscribers. Streamer gets $2 per one thousand views of an ad.

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Twitch offers its streamers some brand to campaign them. Moreover, streamers can work as a long-term brand ambassador. The sponsor of this offer is mostly video game industry advertisers.

However, this is not something that anyone can get. You need to have decent number of followers to get sponsorship. There is no rule from twitch on how many followers you need. It’s just general idea of the companies to go for someone with a larger number of audiences.

Gradually non-gaming brands are trying to collaborate with the Twitch community for the marketing campaign. Twitch is a well-known platform now; it can help them to promote their brands.

Streamers can ask for support from their viewer financially. Twitch allows the viewers to donate their favorite streamer. Twitch gives all the donations to the streamer. So, this is a way to monetize your channel streamers can more engaged to their viewers the donation process.

If someone donates a large amount of money, and ask a streamer to play an exact game or react to a YouTube link on stream. Streamers can use this as a great tool to monetize their stream.

How to get monetized on Twitch?

Usually, streamers create a channel to play live game videos. If you want to gather more viewers, then you have to start some funny conversation with viewers. You must connect them with some interesting commentary.

You need to understand the appropriate conversation according to your stream. Sometimes you have to describe the game with a serious conversation to make them learn the game. Other times you have to be funny to entertain them.

There are three elements of a Twitch channel-Streamers can play the game itself; Streamer can show up with the webcam video and audio commentary of the streamer.

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The elements can help a streamer to build up a Twitch channel. After setting up the twitch channel, a streamer can easily get monetized on twitch.

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To gain more and more followers, you have to be active on twitch. You have to engage your viewers with your mastering skills of playing games. You must interact with them more closely with some commentary.

Twitch has a chat feature, so you can communicate with your viewers. You can collect more follower by talking with them. By this feature, you can gather some suggestions.

While playing, you can broadcast yourself. It will make you more important to the followers.The more subscriber you get, the more money you can make. So, you have to engage more people to watch gaming skills.

If you can impress the community, you can ask for donations. Ad revenues are most important to get monetized on Twitch. Ad revenues produced by viewers to your channel viewing. If they click on ads, Twitch will pay you via PayPal account

Once you get sponsorship from any renowned video game publishers or developers, you will be paid to promote their brands. You can work as their brand ambassador.

If you are a user of Twitch, then you can apply for the twitch partner program. You can earn money from subscribers every month and share the revenues with twitch. You have access to start a merchandise campaign also control the video quality.

By this partnership program, you will get some extra perks from Twitch. Initially, Twitch offers special guidance to its potential users.

How to get affiliate on twitch

Getting affiliate on twitch, you have to choose your games carefully. Before starting to play a game, you must research about the game. You have to play game which one has a great following,

In this case, if you don’t like the game then leave it. When you are not interested to play the game, you can’t make it interesting for the viewers.

Networking with other streamers will help you to get an affiliate on twitch. You can promote your streamer friend. They can also promote your channel. Having a friendly relationship with them can help you grow. Your streamer friends can introduce you to new viewers. You can build up your channel together,

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You can fix up a specific time to show up. This process, your regular viewers will catch up your videos earlier. You will special perks of this scheduling process. Once you make a schedule, you must stick to it. If you can be available for some extra time.

As you can’t present physically, then you have to interact with your viewers by cracking jokes and chatting with them. This is what they want from you as the viewers of twitch.

Twitch Affiliate Adrevenue

To get the premium ad revenue, you have to become an affiliate on twitch. By joining the affiliate program, you will get 50 percent of ad revenue. It is similar to YouTube ad revenue. You have to place ads on your channel. It can help you to more money from Twitch. You must focus on your growing followers. Twitch affiliate can have some perks the normal user of twitch.


Twitch monetization is important for the affiliates users. Twitch offers its streamers many ways to make money. The streamers should know the proper use of every chance.

Because if you can grab all the opportunities then you can make a living out of it. Many streamers started off streaming as a hobby and got in to full time streaming later on. As they realized they can earn so much money some even left their stable jobs as well. Being able to make money while sitting at home playing video games can never be a bad thing. If you have skills and talent you will surely be successful in this field. All you have to do is grasp on the opportunities that you get. 

Now, you have the proper knowledge of monetization and affiliation on twitch.

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