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Those of you who are searching for the procedures to make Twitch Overlays using Photoshop, then this article is for you. I’ve given a fantastic tutorial for you in this content. So, let’s start by reading this article attentively until the end. At present, Twitch changed the face of gaming, and the advanced Twitch Streamers are making more money by playing their favorite games from Twitch Overlay account.

Twitch is a new form of social media, and it has some recent changes to Twitch’s rules for many streamers and viewers. For that, its popularity is much higher and more attractive than previous Twitch account.

On the other hand, many Twitch streamers don’t know about these rules and how to make a twitch overlay using Photoshop. Don’t worry; this article will help you. Just follow this tutorial and then apply it your Twitch Overlay account.

Steps of Making a Twitch Overlay Using Photoshop

If you can make streaming overlays using Photoshop in Twitch Overlay, then you will complete the big part of your Twitch account. It is an essential part of Twitch Overlay because it will show your streams as professional. So, you need to know the usage of Photoshop to create twitch overlays for your Twitch Overlay account.

Down below, I have arranged some chronological steps to make a simple twitch overlay using Photoshop. It is workable with all other game as well. And it will work correctly for streaming to YouTube gaming or even mixer.

Firstly Know What Do You Need

Everything is comfortably easy in this tutorial. But, before we start, you have to introduce yourself to some tools of Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop, firstly you need to know Adobe Photoshop and how does it work. Then you need to know Photoshop layer and how does it work. So, now let’s start:

  • Step 1: Launch Adobe Photoshop
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At first, you open Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Then, you upload your photo by clicking ‘File>Open’ and selecting your photo file.

  • Step 2: Unlock the Photoshop Layer

Then, you have to unlock your Photoshop layer with which you will edit your choosing photo. For that, you will see your photo labelled as background in the layer panel. And you have to click on lock icon that is present on the right side of the layer so that you can apply the edit to your photo easily.

  • Step 3: Add To A Top Banner

The next step is, you have to create a new layer and name it the ‘Top Banner.’ Then select ‘Rectangle Tool’ from the menu on the left. And then, give this rectangle a border, right-click on the layer and select the ‘Blending Option’ in this layer.

Then, Select ‘Strokes’ from the displayed menu and set the stroke width and color according to your choice. Finally, click ‘OK,’ and select your level.

  • Step 4: Add To Bottom Banner

Instead of doing the same again for the following banners, right-click the ‘Top Banner’ and select the ‘Duplicate Layer.’ Then you can use this new layer to the ‘Bottom Banner’ and use the ‘Move Tool’ and then move it to the bottom right of your screen. Use the ‘Ctrl’ key to move it more accurately. These steps are necessary and essential for making an overlay using Photoshop.

  • Step 5: Adding A Unique Channel Logo
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If you have a channel logo, then it is good to be in the front and center of the banner. And the visitors can see it immediately. If you do not have the logo yet, you can replace it with some custom text containing your channel name or website.

You drag a ruler from the left toolbar. If you want to make it stand out, you can give your newly created square the ‘Outer Stroke’ the same color as your borders. Then, hold ‘Ctrl’ to select ‘Both Layers.’ Finally, right-click and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’ in Photoshop.

  • Step 6: To Save The Overlay

Before saving overlays as an image, save it as a “Minecraft Twitch Template” with a file name like a Photoshop document. If you want you can also edit it later so that you can play it with various games.

You make the background transparent, select your games screen and background-level ‘Eye’ icon. Then you will see only the overlay elements. Now, save this file with a ‘PNG.extension’ and load it into your streaming software to use it.

Why you need a custom overlay

Now, you know how you can make a twitch overlay for your channel. But if you are still wondering why you need to make one then here’s your answer.

First of all, having a custom overlay on your channel will create your unique identity on twitch. This will allow you to get recognized based on your twitch overlay on your channel. Being unique on twitch is important for growth as a streamer, so you would want to have that uniqueness.

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Another reason for making a custom overlay is the quality. You can find readymade overlays online. But they can’t satisfy you with the quality all the time. Also, there aren’t many customization options to go through them. As a result, you may end up with a stock overlay that doesn’t attract any viewers at all.

If you know how to make a twitch overlay you can actually save money as well. You don’t need to pay to get good looking overlays from online. You can have different number of original overlays that you can use time to time. So, you don’t need to buy a bunch of overlays either.

You can make your own overlays that are even better than the one’s you can buy online. And most of all they will be according to your taste. You can be creative with your overlays which gives you an artistic advantage.

Lastly you can design your overlays and sell them online as well. Instead of spending money on overlays you can actually make money from overlays.

Final Thought 

I hope that you have known the proper procedures and steps of how to make a twitch overlay using Photoshop, now it’s time to get the streaming for your channel. So why are you waiting? Start your channel and set up your streaming software and choose to play any games on Twitch Overlay.

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