How to make money on twitch | 3 Proven Way

People who are game freaks, they find the best solution on Twitch to turn their hobby into hard cash. As you already know what is twitch and that Twitch is a go-to platform where millions of gamer stream their games. To continue to know how you exactly make money on twitch our twitch overlay template expert explains all.

Let’s break the concept; on Twitch there are 15 million users who are active every single day. On the other hand, there are broadcasters of about more than 2.2 million every single month. People stream their games while they play and achieve some great respect from those people who watch them. It is what makes them gather some extra cash by performing the best on their hobby.

Right above this paragraph if your question is can you make money on twitch or does twitch pay you , I mentioned that there are lots of people earning money from Twitch. So why not you? Are you a Gamer? If yes, then you are precisely on the right article. Here, you will get the precise information to have a complete idea about starting from zero to earning money from Twitch.

Breaking Down to the Depth

Performing the best at their most favorite game and earning the top position might not only be a big moment to you, but people who will be watching your live stream will also enjoy the win of yours. That is what gamers do as gaming is the only way to win the heart of every age people.

There are lots of categories of games present on the Twitch, like PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm. Therefore, you will find an unlimited choice to make. Be the favorite player to all the game watcher. And then you can see the amount of money you will receive from those loves.

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How to earn money twitch | The Way

There are plenty of ways of earning or making money on twitch. But, in this article, I am going to mention the top best three easy ways. Lots of people are following and earning huge money from twitch in these ways. The following methods are:

  • You can make money using a partner of Twitch
  • You can make money being a novice
  • You can also earn cash by the affiliation of Twitch

These are the best possible ways which are easy to earn some hard cash from twitch. Don’t worry; I will now clear all of these three ways for you. With this detailed information, you can get a complete idea about what you are going to do. So let’s check them out:

Earning Money from Twitch as a Partner

According to the twitch the 2.2 million, only 1% of them had gained the partnership of the top tier Twitch earners. Firstly the user has to apply for the business. All the live gaming streamers have to broadcast their games for at least three times every single week. According to the Twitch website having three broadcast every week can lead you to become the partners.

You must grow chats and audiences who are continually evolving and well established. These are the requirements to become good partners. On the other hand, it doesn’t require anything else except these requirements to convert to a partner from affiliation.

Partners of the Twitch are earning lots of money. They are not less than the affiliate as well as the general users. None other than that, the partners of the Twitch also receives there generated revenue of the page’s advertisement.

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Earning money from Twitch Being a Novice

In short, the more you will grow your audience the more aggressive you will become to make cash from twitch. It is the most fun moment to play with twitch. But talking about a newbie, there are still plenty of ways which you can follow to stream your games, increase the audience and earn some money. So let’s check them all:

  • Merchandise

When you grow up the audience who are big fans of yours then merchandising will be the best choice. When you will get all the audience which will be dedicated to your live stream gaming, at that time if you have any products like T-Shirts, laptop cases, coffee mugs, or stickers you can sell to them. Even if you don’t have any products, you can go to a third party as well.

You can take help from the TeePublic as well as the SpreadShop as well. Just create some stock, manage some products and store them. Later on, you can elaborately distribute them to all your dedicated views or audiences. If you can provide your design, your creativity, then it will help you to promote your twitch channel as well.

  • Donations

The best part of using Twitch is, the user can donate any amount of money to any other steamers. On the other hand, they also get a kickback in return. Twitch users always love to support each other. Therefore, they still add up a “donate” button on their channel. People or other Twitch users can donate money via PayPal or any other third-party app.

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You can also earn money by the affiliation of Twitch

To become a Twitch Affiliate, you must have to set up a specific category. According to Twitch, to be an affiliate you need to follow some targeted milestone for at least 30 days. These milestones will lead you to be a proper affiliate and earn some hard cash from that. Those milestones are:

  1. You must broadcast for at least eight hours
  2. You must have 50 followers of yours
  3. You must do seven broadcasts on seven days, and those broadcasts must need to be unique
  4. Must include more than viewers of just three concurrent

Well! Besides that, there are other ways as well which you can also consider to earn money from Twitch by doing Affiliate. Those include the subscriptions, game sales as well as the virtual cheers. So no matter what you choose but be the best in them. Therefore, it will let you make a massive amount of money from Twitch.

Final Thought

Passive earning ways are increasing a lot day by day. Winning from Twitch is also a part of it. Thus, many game freaks are converting themselves to make some hard cash by playing their favorite games. To those of the newbies, it might seem a bit critical. Thus they are looking for, how to earn money from twitch?

This article is precisely for them. And if you are one of those people and you had already gone through the section, then you might have understood the legit points, so don’t wait long. Start to build your Twitch profile.

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