How to get viewers on Twitch

How to get viewers on Twitch

Streaming with the game of your interest is quite enjoyable but streaming and getting viewers is a lot harder than it looks. People who are quite passionate about streaming might think it won’t take much longer to get viewers. But the truth is quite the opposite.

As a beginner, you might already be worried about having 0 viewers and asked yourself many times how to get viewers on Twitch fast. If that’s the case then you are in the right place. In this article, you are about to learn the ways of how to get viewers on Twitch.

Whether you are streaming new or streaming for a long time, we all know the hardest stage of not having a single viewer. Worry not, because it’s just all about strategy and patience.

How to get viewers on Twitch

  1. Become Micro Famous: This is the sort of step I would like to call “a step before steps for streamers”. If no one knows you at the community then you can’t simply expect people to hang out in your streaming.

To get acquainted with communities you need to take time before you start as a streamer. Join as a mod in other streamer’s community. It is way more beneficial to give yourself time to build relationships even before starting streaming. You can do this through social media, Reddit, and another streamer’s discord.

As I have said before, it is all about you’re becoming known to other spaces first. Note the fact that you can’t just tell other people to prepare for your stream. You have to participate, be helpful, show value, and be genuine. Otherwise, people will discover it that you are concerned just for yourself; knowing that they won’t reciprocate anything.

  1. Keeping Social Proof:
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Even though I have talked about being micro famous, lots of people simply don’t want to spend time in building the relationship. What if you already have started and not getting any viewers?

One reason why you are not getting viewers is that you don’t have enough social proof of your channel being helpful. Human minds have this sort of setting; they believe that the content surrounded by most humans is the best. And that’s why people won’t simply click yours with 0 viewers ignoring other streamers with high viewers.

So, you must do some additional works to get yourself out of that o- viewer’s dead zone and to proceed, follow the below tips:

How to get viewers on Twitch for free?

  • Get viewers within the relationships you already have. Tell friends or relatives to open an account and or to see your streaming with their existing account.
  • Do something beyond just gaming. I know it might sound too much. You just want to play games and share. But when it comes to increasing viewers, you have to compete with millions of other streamers like you.
  • Diversify your content. Make YouTube videos, blow up Facebook or other social media, make podcast episodes, and utilize any other searchable platforms.
  • Bing the momentum you had on other platforms to Twitch, get partnered, and grow the stream through the momentum.
  • Focus on being a content creator rather than being a streamer. Try to find out ways to get viral on social media.
  • Having said the viral thing, don’t overdo it. Try to retain love to your every single content, never be to rush to lose the quality of your content.
  1. Learn yourself to better position yourself: Some streamers are too young to know themselves well. You get all the pressure from everywhere that
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you have to be unique and you have to have something different about you. Still, you are struggling to discover anything unique in you. You have to let go of overthinking and asking yourself-

  • Who are you streaming for
  • What do you like to stream
  • What do you care about and love
  • Why are you streaming
  • Why do you want to stream for people

Also, for more information, you can follow this free workbook by “Ashni”( the professional stream coach) having the tricks of discovering ways to stand out as a streamer:

  1. Watch other Streamers

Watch and follow other streamers on Twitch. Do not shamelessly just ask to follow you out of nowhere. Try to build relationships and build community so that they get convinced to plug your channel. Some streamers might even host you if you have good connections. Moreover, you can follow their ways of streaming and get ideas.

  1. Invest in a better Twitch layout
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An interesting and unique graphic layout can attract people. A graphic layout representing a popular theme or game can be very useful to attract viewers. Also, a good layout should have

  • Webcam in the upper right or left corner
  • Chatbox for viewers of full-screen
  • Your user names of social media in rotating slideshows or in a list.
  • Special widgets displaying the latest followers and host. This will encourage the viewers and hosts to stay with you.

Even if you don’t have any graphic experience you can try some free options. TipeeeStream is the platform where you can try getting Twitch widgets, layouts, or special alerts.

  1. Follow specific Schedule

Being consistent is pretty important when it comes to getting viewers. Try to maintain a fixed schedule and be live, so that your viewers can follow you from time to time. If you don’t give enough time on it then flourishing your channel will be a difficult task.


When you would focus on how to get viewers on twitch, the above points might just come to you naturally. Getting viewers on Twitch is not a quick process; it takes time to build community. So don’t expect 5 viewers to 30 in one day.

As for increasing the quality of your streaming, you can boost your channel art by working on the About Me, FAQ, Social Media, and Rules, etc.

Lastly, always keep your streaming content genuine showing your passion for it. Trust me, genuineness wins many hearts.

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