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If you love to play video games, then twitch can help you to earn. It is a great opportunity for every gamer. Most of the twitch streamer started streaming for entertainment purpose. But they don’t know how to make money on twitch. Keep reading article from our twitch overlay template expert to all about twitch streamers earning.

Twitch is a well-known streaming platform, where you can earn money by playing video games. You can take it as a part-time or full-time job. Now you can think how much does a twitch streamer make? 

Basically, it depends on subscriptions, donation and adds. Twitch is considered as live streaming with more than 140 million monthly viewers

Most of the top gamers determine their skills and entertain their fans on Twitch. Moreover, they can earn a good income by playing games and expounding on their development.

Income of full-time streamers

However, you are interested to know the income of full-time twitch streamers income per month. Basically, their income is based on their entertaining skills, subscription, ads, bits, and cheers.

 Furthermore, it is quite difficult to work as a full-time twitch streamer. You have to work up to 10-12 hours per day. 

Though, the estimated revenues of a full-time twitch streamer can be amazed you. Twitch streaming is an excellent way of making money more than other jobs. 

A full-time streamer can make money from subscription revenue. The streamer gets 50 percent of the subscription charge. He can make nearly $3000 to $5000 per month as their subscription revenue. 

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The twitch partners also share the revenue of the ads. The advertising revenue is about $250 for every 100 subscribers.

The virtual currency of Twitch is Bits. Subscriber of Twitch channel can buy Bits. They can redeem them to cheer in their desired streamers’ chatroom. The streamers will get one cent per bit. A full-time streamer can make some money from Bits.

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Sale of games and in-game items are limit to Twitch partners. If the full-time streamer plays a game which is accessible on Twitch, they must create an offer to purchase the game or in-game items appear on the channel page. If any viewer is interested to take the offer, the streamer gets 5 percent of the purchase amount of the game.

Another way to make money through twitch streaming is sponsorship. Streamers can sponsor a product or service on their stream to make money. Many companies out there opt for a way to promote their products on twitch. As twitch is a very popular platform related to gaming most of the products and services also relate to gaming as well.

Companies usually approach streamers who have a larger group of audience. Depending on the company their offer can vary a lot. Also, some streamers have their own charges as well. A well-known streamer can charge somewhere around $10k to $15k for a sponsored stream. And if the company is desperate enough, they will be willing to pay that money.

So, once a streamer gets decent number of followers, they can at least expect to make $2000 to $5000 through sponsorships.

Winning Prize money can be another way of making money for full-time streamers. Some full-time streamers can earn pleasant money from Twitch streams by winning championships games.

Streamers can encourage their fan followers for donations. It can help to spend maximum time entertaining them. A full-time streamer can make more money by collecting donations. They can collect their donations from any third-party website.

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So, a full-time streamer can earn more than $15k per year. It depends on his activities, subscriptions, ads, and donations.


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How Much Does a Steamer Make Per Sub?

The main income source of a streamer depends on the number of their subscribers. The streamers who earn the highest amount from Twitch, they have topmost subscribers. Streamers get half of the subscription payment and other half goes to Twitch.

The monthly subscription ranging from $4.99, $9.99, $24.99 per month. In case of $4.99 sub, the streamer will get approximately $2.50 per subscription. If a streamer has 25,000 monthly subs, then he can make $62k per month and $744k per year. Moreover, who has 1000 monthly subs, he can make $2.5k per month and $30k per year.

Twitch streamers can make nearly $2.49 per prime sub of $4.99.

Top twitch streamers income

Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins, has the most followers in his twitch channel. He has almost 12 million followers. Moreover, he plays the topmost famous Fornite game. 

The estimated revenues of Ninja are $5,417,447 per year. It is made up with subscription-$3,955,571, ad-$509,521, bit donations-$316,354.92, average sponsorship-$600,000 and average estimate YouTube compensation-$36,000. Though, twitch stats suggest, Ninja earned $19,577.10 from Bit Donations. Additionally, he earned less than $10,000.

Ninja is financially strong by playing games and talking in his twitch channel.

Shroud aka Michael Grzesiek, who is known for PUBG in his channel of Twitch. He has nearly 6.1 million followers. The average viewership 3k per week. He earns approximately   $4.4 million per year.

Dr. Lupo aka Benjamin Lupo is a professional Fortnite and PUBG player. He has 3.2 million followers. He is consider as one of the highest earners with his excellent gaming skills. Lupo has 10k viewers per week. His estimated revenues are $1.9 million per year.

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Lirik aka Sabik Zahid is one of the successful streamers on Twitch. He has about 20-30000 views per day. He

earns $200000 from subscribers in each year. He plays and streams up to 10 hours per day. He makes nearly $1.3 million per year.

Tim the tat man aka Timothy John Bater is better known for his gaming skills. The annual revenue of time is around $2,770,287.

The estimated revenue of Tim the tat man comes with subscription-$1,802,598, ad-@147,738, Bit donations-$183,951, average sponsorship-$600,000.

Sodapoppin aka Thomas Chance Morris is known as top streamer on Twitch. His estimated revenue is $1,666,707 per year.

The estimated revenue made up to subscription-$821,344, ad-$167,419, Bit donations-$41,943, average sponsorship-$600,000.

So, this is estimate revenues of some top twitch streamers. Twitch streamers are not only gamers but also, they are entertainers. If you can entertain viewers by commentaries or conversation, you don’t need to win every game. Still, you can be the successful Twitch streamer.

How much does twitch pay?

Twitch pays its streamers $2 per 1,000 views for an ad. Initially, twitch pays the half amount of subscriber’s payment to the streamers. Twitch also offers the streamers $1 per 100 Bits.

Final Thought

You can easily assume the income of the twitch streamers. There are many streamers who earn more than $20 million per year. It is not only about gaming, but also about the interaction with viewers. Twitch introduces a brilliant platform for a professional gamer to earn money by playing video games. To learn more about twitch overlay template just turn on.

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