How to stream on twitch is the most asked question for people who want to stream games or videos on Twitch. And it’s nothing new to have such interest as thousands of people are streaming online using the Twitch platform.

It’s quite succulent to stream on Twitch; people can showcase their passion for games and other interests; they can make a live chat and share fun kinds of stuff with amiable viewers. Not to mention, some streamers are pulling off big bucks out of it. So overall, streaming on Twitch is pretty impressive.

For most people setting up Twitch streaming may seem a little bit complex. But that alone should not stop you from streaming as we are here to make things easier.

Let's Find Out How to Stream on Twitch.

Getting Some Gaming Software

First of all, you need to program to start off streaming. Streamlabs OBS is the best free program you can use to stream. It offers almost every feature you see on cool streamer’s clips. Staring from twitch overlays, you will find cool stuffs to use. Plus, it is relatively easy to run.

However, you may look into another option; the Twitch Studio, Twitch’s proprietary software. It bears sleek design and dope features. For example: chat integration. Nonetheless, here we are going to stick to OBS.

Download OBS and go to Twitch.Tv. Of course, you will find other streaming platforms, but Twitch works better with Streamlab and pretty easy to use.

If you don’t own a Twitch account, make one and head to the Setting of OBS. While adjusting various settings, it might seem like punching in the dark, but with time you will get used to everything. So, set the setting according to your preference. Besides, Streamlab can automatically configure options matching the internet speed for you. It might not be the best yet a great way to start.

Getting a Webcam

Having a webcam has become a necessity in the era of streaming. Some people may not be comfortable with it but a webcam helps to show people who you are. More often than not, viewers are interested in knowing who is behind the bar, and sometimes the host is the only reason they stick to a channel. Because your personality and passion speak a lot about you, and viewers find it refreshing.

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As a beginner, you don’t have to buy the best one as long as you set it up nicely. Moreover, add proper lights to make yourself more visible. Never set a camera in an embarrassing or distracting background. Therefore, to gain a professional atmosphere, you may think of a straight wall or any static location. Or, you may even green screen to remove the background. For better virtual background set up, you may think of Nvidia’s Broadcast Engine software.

Finding a Decent Mic

Like a webcam, a decent mike plays a vital role in reaching audiences. It’s a joy to watch the stream with echo. In terms of desk mic, you have to wear headphones. Desk micks are mostly higher quality than headset mics and a better choice too. There are lots of streaming microphones below $100 you can look into.

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Setting the scene

As you have a microphone, webcam, and software, you are ready to stream. Now all you have to do is to put pieces together to set it right.

Head to Editor Tab after clicking Steamlabs, and you’ll find an empty scene. Add the game and launch it. After that, click Alt-Tab, head back to Streamlabs, and click the ‘+’ sign appearing over the Source list.

Therefore, Hit the button Game Capture, name the source. From the Application, select the game you are aiming to stream.

Before connecting the webcam, check if it is plugged in or not; after that, select the video capture device to add another source. You have to name the source and pick the webcam from the dropdown device. Now, drag the sources around the stream.

As for overlays simply add another source and click Image. You would want to pay attention to the order of the sources. Also, you can add unique details like frames and so on. The overlays should be able to define the game you are streaming.

Making Habits

Now you have a functional stream, but getting viewers might not be too soon. Do not fret over it because there are lots of ways to get viewers on Twitch. Above all, you have to maintain consistency. Make a habit of being regular with your streaming. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase shore up your channel. Maybe as a streamer, you don’t want to make it to the front page and just do it for fun. Still, you should yell out your content.

One of the best ways to get viewers is to turn the panel on and writing a bio. Thus, you can introduce who you are and what you aim to show. People with similar interest thus will get interested to know you more. Moreover, you can get your first 5 or 10 viewers through your friends. Or, you may reasonably ask popular streamers. You can follow them, comment on their videos, and share tricks.

Always be engaging in the chatbox. People love it when someone mentions them on screen. Try to reply to them as much as possible. It’s a fun way to engage people and get viewers.

In addition, to flourish your personality, you may think of buying t-shirts or gadgets from Twitch store. Make a habit of updating yourself with brand new items from the twitch store. Not to mention, the logo itself a haul among the audience of how much you are into it.

Conclusion: Streaming on Twitch is fun as long as you set it right. With time you may step into an advanced level in getting viewers. Starting would always be the most challenging thing but don’t get depressed so quickly. It’s okay to make mistakes, but you have to show people what you are doing. We hope you have found a way to How to Stream on Twitch.