Hair Brush in Photoshop – User Guide

Hair Brush in Photoshop

If you want to get detailed and much more refined photos then you probably give a little touch of photoshop to your pictures. Whenever you capture pictures you lose some important details which you would like to have in your pictures. In most cases, hairs are the part that loses most of the details.

To fix that up there are hair brushes in photoshop which will surely help you get those details back. And this creates a significant impact on the pictures as well. Here we will give you some insights into using the hair Brush in Photoshop.

Why do this?

A simple answer to this question is to get all the details of your hair. Also, there are times when hairs might look a bit messy which eventually makes the whole picture disturbing to look at. To fix that up you will need to brush those hairs using photoshop. This is just like brushing your hair in real life to look better. And as we all know hairs have a lot to do with how a person looks.

How to use hair brush in photoshop?

You can use the hair brush in photoshop for various reasons. Such as -removing stray hair, fixing frizzy hair, cleaning up edges and creating the outline, adding hair, filling the gaps in between hairs, and a lot more. Let’s check out how to actually do these things.

Removing stray hair:

Stray hairs can be a disturbing element of any picture. To get rid of stray hairs from a picture you can use the content-aware healing brush tool. This one cleans out all the hairs moving in the wrong direction and gives much more of a refined touch to your picture. While using this one you have to keep some things in mind. You will need to create a new layer and sample all the layers before you begin brushing.

Fixing frizzy hair:

If you want to clean up the edges around your hair you can use the pen tool for that purpose. To do that you will need to trace the complete edge around your hair. Create a loop in the picture with the pen tool. Once you have drawn the pen path, right-click on the path and click “Make selection”. After that use the close stamp tool. Make sure you create a new layer before that. Also, create a sample using current and below. Now using the clone stamp tool holds ALT/OPTN to sample the edge. Then paint inside the selection to remove any stray hair and get a clean edge there. Repeat these steps until you get a satisfying outcome in your photo. Usually, these kinds of things can be done with spot healing brush but in the cases of hairs, you can’t rely on this. Because the spot healing brush can’t work accurately on complicated areas like the edges of the hair.

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Adding hairs:

Here, you might have a question, “Why would I need to add hairs?”. Well, hairs will never look 100% perfect and refined. If you do so then you will be taking away the natural look of it. To make your hair look more natural you will need to add some stray hairs that are well placed. To do that you can simply use the brush tool and make a brush. Try keeping the brush size as small as the width of a hair. Sample the color of hair from the picture to make sure it blends properly. Finally, draw some stray hairs on the edge to make it look more realistic. Keep it subtle so it doesn’t look messy again.

Filling gaps in hair:

Sometimes you will notice there are gaps here and there around the hair in the picture. This leaves an empty space in the photograph. So, you will need to fill that up using photoshop. To do that you just need to use the clone stamp tool. Select the tool and make a brush size replicating the width of a hair. Then sample the hair color by holding ALT/OPTN and start filling in the gaps with strokes.

When you use these things, you will notice significant changes in your pictures. It’s a very handy process of correcting some unavoidable mistakes in a picture. You can use custom made brushes for better precision. Let’s have a look at how to make a brush.

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Making a hairbrush

There are many things involved in making custom brushes. Those settings completely depend on what you want. You can literally have any kind of brush to do the work. You just have to simply select the brush tool then adjust the settings. Such as how much pen pressure you want, the scattering and control, fade, pen tilt, stroke smoothing, textures, spacing.

There are so many customization options available for the perfect results you want. Usually, you can start on working with the perfect size, color, softness, shape, and spacing. These will be enough for you to tweak if you are a beginner in this. After tweaking the settings just draw the kind of strokes you want and make a selection. Then right-click on it and you will see an option for naming the brush. There you have it, your own brush.

Besides this, you can also use brushes made by other creators and editors. There are thousands of brush presets available on the internet that you can use. You have to simply download the brush packs you like. Then go into the brush menu and choose the get more brushes option. Then you can import the downloaded brush pack and start using it in your pictures.


Hair brushing is a crucial part of using photoshop. Especially if your photos involve models or human subjects then you must go through their hairs at least once. Because you wouldn’t want any distracting element on your photograph. So, knowing this part of photoshop will have a great impact on your work. Hopefully, this article helped you get a detailed overview of hair brush in photoshop.

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