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Best Capture Card for Streaming

As a streamer, you will need best capture card for streaming. Capture card is an important device for gamers. You will find some exclusive brands of capture card. Check the specifications first. You must choose the right one.Look for the capture card adjusting your need and budget.

Moreover, capture card records on-screen activities. It’s a good idea to buy a capture card. You can easily record while streaming. Then you can upload it to your other social media platforms.  Capture card will help your record a high-resolution on-screen video.

Let’s Talk About Some Of The Best Capture Card For Streamers.

Top 5 Capture card is an essential device for all the streamers. Here, we will discuss about the top 5 capture card for streaming.

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HDML-Cloner Box Pro

HDML-Cloner Box Pro get 1st position in our best capture card for streaming in 2020 listed items


This capture card contains H 264 hardware encoder.It has an additional free edit function. You can easily trim, split or merge videos.You can capture and record full HD 1080P, hdml videos from various gaming software.

Moreover, you will get standalone video capture tools.It supports the VGA, AV (composite), YPbPr (component) files.

However, you can convert your analog videos to digital videos. This capture card contains a converter.It will save your videos as MP4 files to USB flash drive, external HDD.You can play the videos pressing ‘PLAYBACK’ button of its remote control.You can take screenshots as JPG files. It will help you to keep screenshots.

There is an option of schedule recording. This is great option to use. It will save you from extra hassles.It provides many functions. This capture card has picture-aspect ratio, color temperature, firmware update, restore factory default.It has a tremendous audio system.



  • Excellent design.
  • Bunch of accessories
  • Remarkable support.


  • Risky firmware.
  • Difficult set up system.


Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro


Elgato introduces a wonderful capture card with great game view.It has some functions like editing and recording with comfort. Editing is the must have function for capture card.You can capture your on-screen gameplay in high resolution.

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However, it has some attractive features like you can record your videos 4K resolution.It has a strong base of recording and good sound quality. While recording onscreen videos, audio is a necessary part.It attracts the regular streamer. It has a great image and video quality.You can stream and record in 4K in 60 frame per second at a bitrate of 140 Mbps.It contains full proof options. You can use the capture card precisely.


  • Exceptional Outlook.
  • Finest performance.
  • User friendly.
  • Future-proof.


  • Too expensive.


AverMedia Live Gamer 4K


This capture card has 4Kp60 high dynamic range recording system.It can capture up to 240 frame per rate.You will get editing functions. You can trim, split and merge your videos.It has RGB lighting. Lighting is an important factor for capturing videos.You can use PC to play the recorded video.

Furthermore, it has 4K video editing operating system.This capture card provides the plug and play service.It contains HDMI 2.0 audio video input and output.However, it supports high frame rate captures up to 240 FPS.



  • Plug and play.
  • High frame rate.
  • Micro USB connection.
  • Built-in hardware.


  • Requirement of PC.
  • Less space.


Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2


Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2 provides 4K60 HDR10 capture and passthrough.You can record unlimited videos on your hard drive directly.It has high frame rate is up to 140 mbps.

However, you can use flashback recording to save videos.It offers 240 Hz passthrough. You can set it up on dual PC without having any kind of extra hassle.This capture can power your workflow with ultra-low latency.It has multi apps access. You can use it with many apps and social platforms.This capture card can record 4K HDR videotape.You can stream in standard dynamic range with this capture card.Additionally, you can save your videos in the MP4 format.



  • Easy to use.
  • 4K resolution.
  • High quality resolution.



  • Difficult to install.
  • No plug and play.
  • Poor software.
  • Expensive
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ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus


This capture card offers USB 3.0 with ultra-low latency. No lagging at all.It supports numerous social platforms.You can stream and record easily with the software of gameplay.

Moreover, it provides you the plug and play system. It’s a great option for any capture card.You can save your videos in any format. It supports all of formats.It has an extra ordinary feature like mixing line and mic audio. You can add your voice to the video. It offers live commentary software.

This capture card supports 4K resolution. High video quality in both recording and playing videos.You can stream in 4K at 30 frame per second and 1080 pixels at 60 frame per second.As well, it comes with bundled software. It provides high class editing software. You can trim, merge, combine, convert and burn your videos.It is compatible with third party livestreaming software.


  • High resolution video quality.
  • Best editing software.
  • Flexible.


  • Poor audio quality.
  • Difficult to use.


How you can choose the perfect capture card


In every capture, you will get good and bad specifications. Here, we will discuss about selecting the best capture card for you.Choose the capture card with excellent recording quality.Easy connection to PC.Supports every format of video.

You can pick the internal capture. It is a hassle-free option.Select the capture card with editing software.Choose the portable capture card.Audio quality.High frame rate.

You can consider the following factors to choose the perfect capture card for yourself.

  • Video quality: Of course, you have to consider the video quality of your capture card. With a capture card that is able to provide high-resolution video and good frames you will get satisfactory results. When you are choosing a capture, card make sure it’s able to record in Full HD at least. For the frames 30 fps is a good place to start. However, if you want the best quality you would want a card with 60 fps recording capacity. Because the difference between the two is of night and day. And if you have the budget you can go for a 4K resolution card as well.
  • Software: Every capture card comes with its own software. All the different ones have different functions and features. Such as, adding overlays over gameplay, adding commentary, customizing webcam etc. Always go for the ones that come with this kind of functionalities. Also, try going for the capture card that has an optimized software to work with.
  • Input setup: There is not much to consider when it’s about input setup. You just have to go with the HDMI input. Because all the consoles and setup come with HDMI compatibility. However, if you want to record content from vintage consoles you will need a specialized capture card with the significant port.
  • Connectivity: When you are choosing your capture, this is a crucial point to consider. You have to make sure the capture card can connect to your pc easily. Also, you should look for the ones that doesn’t have added delay to it. Because that can cause some issues while recording and streaming.
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Before you choose your capture, card make sure to go through these factors. Answers to these questions will surely lead you towards the perfect capture card you have always wanted. Also, consider the brand and warranty factor as well.


Last words

Choosing a perfect capture card that adjusts your budget is quite difficult.But you can get an average capture card. An average capture card will provide you many wonderful specifications.For a streamer, capture card is necessity.

If you are working with PC, then internal capture is a great choice.For laptop, you will need external capture card.Ensure your internet connection is working well. Because internet connection is important while recording on-screen videos.Well, hope you will buy the best capture card for streaming








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